50th Year Age: What is Challenging and Interesting

We have spent five decades, and, if we have been intelligent enough, we will realize that with each one, we discover something even better and have an experience that we would never imagine living. 

Half of our life or almost at the end? That only God knows. But what we cannot say is that we have already arrived here. As if our goal of life had been to become this or that thing.

Our pilgrimage must be in constant development in evolution. Our dream must continue. That we stop growing, and learning cannot be an option. Hence the importance of never stop moving forward. As the troubadour sings, “We must continue to bring the years to life.”

Aging is not synonymous with “tragedy” or “you no longer serve.” It is compatible with “mastery.” Yes, perhaps our physicist shows some deterioration. In some women, gray hair, cellulite, and blurred vision; in many others, incontinence, sagging, overweight what we expected if we have already been 50 years!

That is why it is essential to recognize and accept that now, our beauty is in the experience. It may be that today, there is a little less physical beauty, but there is also an incredible inner beauty transformed into wisdom and maturity.

It is true that depending on the quality of life we ​​previously had, some parts of our body will be more agile than others, but from there to think that we are already “useless” beings, there is a profound difference.

Woman, you will always be fascinated! Some attitudes make a fifty woman dazzling, of course, when she is sensible, mature:

  • Sure of herself: Think: “I liked it and I like my story. I’m unique”. Enough with the pressure of seeing you thin, beautiful, wrinkle-free, flawless hair, etc.! We are more than that! The search for everyone’s taste is over. Now we accept ourselves and leave those fools of wanting to be like the others or of following social stereotypes. No longer. This is who we are, imperfect, but perfectible. Beings are not yet done but in continuous evolution. Upon discovering that our dignity and value lie just in that, in being who we are, unique and unrepeatable. And not in what we have achieved or have now, we fight for not being the replica of anyone else.
  • More prudent: It is no longer sought always to be right, but to bring happiness and live in peace. We have a nose to choose battles to fight and no longer wear out in situations that are not necessary. 
  • Successful attitude: failures 7, lifted 8. Recognize that failure is a feeling that appears long before it becomes a real result and that they become failures when the lesson is not learned. We permit ourselves to fall, without fear, because we recognize and accept imperfect.
  • You release more and control less: It lets go, although often in pain, to what no longer does our heart good. You live an intelligent detachment. You realize that change is just that, and it’s okay not to have everything under control. You learn to let yourself be surprised by life because that is life, a coming and going of people, situations, and experiences. 
  • Enjoy the simplest things: We laugh at ourselves when things never happen that we never imagined would happen, such as discovering that coughing or sneezing can be a high-risk sport, because…
  • Learn to value the small and always stop waiting for the big.
  • We surround ourselves with people we love: Despite recognizing in all its value and dignity, we become more selective. And not because of arrogance, but we choose to be with those who add to our lives. Who does not seek conflict or gossip? There is no time to lose with those kinds of personalities that do not invite us to grow. 
  • Being alone is a delight: but this is only achieved if we live in peace with ourselves. There will be times that the relationship you have to strengthen and nurture is yours with you.
  • We accept what we feel, and we are not afraid to say so: Above all, when it comes to telling someone else that we love and value him. Even that feeling may not be reciprocated. It doesn’t matter. 

There are many more qualities and attitudes, but what should be clear is that we are not getting old; We are much more than a number. What we now have is an accumulation of experiences that have made us wise; wisdom that only 50 years of living well lived could have given us. Well, you will know what a smart woman and God’s hand can achieve. If you are wondering what good things you will have in your 50s and getting older, remember that everyone treats aging differently. It is quite easy to get discouraged, but a brighter perspective can make you realize that reaching 50 is a time of celebration and acceptance. If you have been lucky enough to live a full and pleasant life, you are fortunate. Achieving 50 could mean that it is time to create some new goals for the next 50 years.

And now you have to make your list of advantages at 50

As you can see, there are a lot of good things about reaching 50, as long as you look for them. By celebrating 50 years with a great birthday or a quiet celebration, you can make some of your lists. From “50 things I know” to “50 things to be thankful for,” the number has many possibilities.

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