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In the History of every cricket match, there are many games in which players do fight with each other. In this guide, we have a collection of different moments in which two players start fighting with tongue, gestures, and many other ways. Some of the players start fighting on the field, and some are fighting on the pitch. Let’s take a look at some fantastic moments in the History of cricket. During different leagues, IPL, PSL, and BBL. Many international players come in one place and play the matches. In the big bash league, each bbl team has three foreign players, and there are some fights in the game. You can click here to watch big bash league season 9 live and enjoy the fights if it happens. Harbhajan Singh vs. Andrew 2008 This is the most famous tragedy and at the international level crisis in which both the player refused to go back down. In 2008, it was a tour of Indian in Australia, and Andrew just stole all the headlines for the whole month. Indian Spinner Harbhajan Singh called him a monkey, and Symonds blamed that he had called him a monkey. During this test match, Harbhajan banned for next three test matches. Indian team claims that Singh did not do anything wrong and did not call and threaten the Australian cricket that they will go back if the charge were not taken from the Harbhajan Singh. Judge John Hansen listened to the Oral Statements of both the players and team and said that there are no enough statements and evidence to charge on three matches on Harbhajan. Moreover, he was set free to play other games, usually. MS Dhoni v Mustafizur Rahman, 2015 It was a 2015 match in Bangladesh. Indian captain Dhoni was taking the wicket and collide with the Mustafizur. Indian team claimed that Rahman has just shifted the position and trying Dhoni to take a single. Moreover, Dhoni contended that he is stopping and trying to block the way to make a complete run. In this match, both the players are charged with a 75% fee of the game and 50 % fine. Because of the collision. Marlon Samuels vs Shane Warne, 2013 Samuels from Melbourne renegades in big bash league tugged on the Hussey shirt. Melbourne star was trying to take a double on the pitch during big bash game. Hussey took strict action against this, and Warne returned hitting on Samuel’s shirt and charge with a fine by running so much worse in this way. Samuels shows the anger and shows bat to him in the right direction. The committee has charged them huge fees. Big bash league in charge had to make one match banned on both the players. Moreover, they are also charging for using inappropriate language on the field. Ramnaresh Sarwan Vs Glenn McGrath 2003 This is one of the worst and long term cases in the History of test cricket in which Antigua involved between the Indian batsman Sarwan and pacer McGrath. McGrath started it and used bad language with the Sarwan, and at the result, Sarwan uses some remarks on the McGrath’s wife. Players and umpire successfully solved their problems, and the good news is both the players are set free without charging any fee. A fan and Inzamam-ul-Haq, 1997 It was the old Sahara match in which one of the fans called him a potato. This incident also famous for the Aaloo incident in which Inzamam lost his game, and one fan called him a potato. As a result, the Pakistani captain barging into the stands, and Inzamam become physical with the fans. The fan was banned for two matches, and Security officers reveal it. Moreover, it was the match against India. Rahul Dravid Vs Michael Slater, 2001 It was the test match between India and Australia in which Dravid and Slad use the verbal spat. Slater said that he had taken the catch to dismiss Dravid. Indian batsman let the decision on the third umpire. In the end, the decision was made in favor of Dravid. There was just one warning for the slater. For more latest big bash league updates you can Keep updated here.

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