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Dailyonplanet is a US-based platform for citizen journalism and news. Dailyonplanet is a content platform website where you can read content and news related to different categories. There is a versatile team who are dedicated to their work and providing quality content on a daily basis.

Dailyonplanet is the brainchild of journalist and writers who teamed up to serve readers in the United States. We also aim to encourage citizen journalism by posting their news, articles on our website.

Our leadership intensely considers that the rights to be published should not be limited to the certain groups of writers or specifically any writer.

“The internet has fully transformed the circumstances of news and blogging. In the modern century, anyone can write and publish their content with the help of content websites like “Daily On Planet”.

We call it a revolution in the publishing industry where now writers can provide relevant content and get it published to their audience.

Dailyonplanet has the great categories of writers who can write about News of Global, UK, USA, Business, Education, Entertainment, Politics, and Sports. Further categories are Science and Technology which includes Computers, Mobile, Networking, Security and Software related articles.

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