Brock Lesnar Abolishes Seth Rollins resulted on WWE RAW Monday Night

Welcome to our Live WWE weekday Night RAW Viewing Party. Tonight’s show comes from the Verizon Arena in North state capital, AR.
– Tonight’s WWE RAW unveil with a video package on the WWE 24/7 Title. The voiceover says this can be a title like no different, one that’s redefining greatness.
– We’re live from the Verizon Arena in North state capital, Arkansas as archangel Cole welcomes North American country to RAW. he is joined by Corey Graves and Renee Young.

Mosh Pit Mixed Tag Team Match for the WWE 24/7 Title: Drake Maverick and Renee Michelle vs. R-Truth and Carmella

We go right to the ring and it’s encircled by a bunch of Superstars, the slam pit. Cole says can inherit play in a while. we tend to see Drake Maverick and partner Renee Michelle walking down the ramp to the ring as Cole and Renee reconsider the foundations of the match. Out next square measure WWE 24/7 Champion R-Truth and Carmella, rapping to the ring.

The bell rings and a brawl breaks out. Things quiet down and drake starts with Truth. we tend to get AN early pin to try by Drake as Cole says the 24/7 Rules square measure suspended throughout this match. The Superstars at seats might inherit play. The truth turns it around on Drake and covers for a detailed two count within the middle of the ring as Carmella cheers him on. Truth backdrops Drake onto Superstars however they catch him and carry around to a different a part of the apron.

Drake comes in however Truth drops him on his face for a two count. Renee comes in however Carmella is true once her, effort her and unloading on her. Drake backs Renee into the corner as Truth checks on Carmella. Carmella slaps Drake, permitting Truth to travel back to figure o him. Truth drops Drake and covers for the pin to retain.

Winners: R-Truth and Carmella

Once the bell, Truth stands tall as his music hits however he realizes he is encircled by Superstars on the apron currently. everybody piles on prime of Truth and that we hear the referee creating a count. microphone Kanellis runs away with the WWE 24/7 Title and he is proclaimed because of the new champion. Kanellis runs to the rear as his music starts up. Truth and Carmella square measure afraid within the ring.

Winner and New WWE 24/7 Champion: microphone Kanellis

The camera cuts backstage to microphone Kanellis feat with the title. Superstars chase him into space however he locks them out. Maria Kanellis seems and goes on regarding being pregnant, needing to facilitate. The Superstars retreat. Maria starts beating on the door however microphone does not believe it’s her, perhaps it’s Carmella dissembling to be her. however, will he grasp it’s his wife? Maria says if he does not let her in at once, she is going to kick the door down so kick him in his canal. The door opens and the microphone lets Maria in.

Still, to return, Becky kills vs. Alexa seventh heaven and Seth Rollins vs. Dolph Ziggler. Also, Roman Reigns and Samoa Joe can try and squash their beef in an exceedingly Samoan Summit.

Gauntlet Match: Rey Mysterio, Sami Zayn, Cesaro, Ricochet, Andrade

We head to the ring and out 1st comes Rey Mysterio. The winner of this Gauntlet can become the new #1 challenger to face WWE u. s. Champion AJ designs at SummerSlam. Rey hits the ring and that we head to industrial.

Back from the break and Cesaro is out. The bell rings and that they go at it. Cesaro with early pin tries. a lot of back and forth between the 2. Cesaro takes some management with power moves. we tend to see AJ backstage observance the match. They find yourself on the ground with Rey on Cesaro’s shoulders. Rey sends Cesaro face-first into the apron for a pop. The referee counts. Rey flies below very cheap rope however comes up, presumably wearing his knee says, Cole. they carry it back in and Rey sends Cesaro flying with scissors once more. Rey gets a pop as he goes for a 619 however Cesaro retreats to the ground. Rey kicks Cesaro back to the barrier from the ring. Rey runs the ropes and nails a baseball slide, then causing Cesaro flying into the barrier with scissors. Cesaro falls over into the group as we tend to head to industrial.

Back from the break and Rey is nearly counted out once we tend to see however Cesaro power bombed him into the ring post throughout the break, and a lot of offense on the ground. Cesaro brings Rey back to the mat for a detailed two count. They find yourself on the highest as we tend to see AJ backstage observance once more. Rey headbutts Cesaro to the mat. Rey hits an enormous senton from the highest and starts to mount a lot of offense. Rey drops Cesaro with an enormous kick to the face for a two count. Rey sells the knee injury once more and springboards at Cesaro however Cesaro nails an enormous blow in mid-air. Rey still kicks out. Rey fights off a Neutralizer however Cesaro levels him and hits an enormous boot for a two count.

Cesaro shows some frustration currently. Cesaro with a lot of power moves and a gut wrench. Cesaro lands up running into the ring post-shoulder-first as Rey moves. Cesaro catches Rey in mid-move another time with an enormous shot. Cesaro puts Rey on his shoulders and climbs to the second turnbuckle. Rey fights back from up high. Rey goes for the hurricane Rana, however, Cesaro stops him. Rey keeps fighting back. Cesaro catches him once more however Rey counters up high and turns it into an enormous bulldog. Rey is slow to capitalize however he nails the 619 for a pop. Rey goes to the highest and hits the large splash for the pin to advance. Cesaro has been eliminated.

The music hits and out comes Lappic Zayn running to the ring. Lappic now starts unloading on Rey because the referee tries to back him off. Fans boo. The referee finally gets Lappic back. Rey ducks a Helluva Kick and rolls Lappic up for the straightforward elimination. Lappic is furious as 2 referees hold him back from Rey. The music hits and out comes Andrade with Zelina Vega. Rey appearance on as we tend to return to industrial.

Back from the break and Andrade is thrashing Rey down within the corner. They tangle however Andrade keeps Rey in an exceedingly hold. we tend to see AJ backstage observance once more. Andrade fights off Rey’s counters and takes him to the corner for the offense as Vega cheers him on. Rey mounts some momentum and takes Andrade down for a two count. Rey keeps Andrade grounded currently. Andrade shoves Rey into the turnbuckles and keeps management for a couple of a lot of minutes. Andrade poses over Rey and shows off some because the books devour.

Andrade delivers an enormous kick to the top for a two count as Vega continues yelling at seats. Andrade sends Rey to the ground and he goes down at the barrier. Andrade wastes some longer because the referee counts Rey. Andrade follows and keeps the attack happening the skin. Andrade takes his time however brings Rey back certain an enormous chop. Andrade talks some trash however Rey fights back. Andrade unloads, however, Rey kicks him within the face. Andrade catches a moon sault. They tangle and Andrade hits the 3 suplexes in an exceeding row. Fans boo as Andrade goes to the highest for the moon sault. Rey moves, however, Andrade now follows up with another moon sault for a detailed two count.

Rey nails AN Enzi Guri, dropping Andrade into position for the 619. Andrade blocks it and hits a backbreaker. Andrade with the insecticide within the middle of the ring for the pin to advance. Apparently, the referee was making an attempt to wave Andrade removed from the pin as Rey was hurt.

Andrade goes for Rey once the bell and yanks his mask off. Ricochet runs down and attacks Andrade to form the save. Ricochet sends Andrade to the ground to regroup with Vega. Ricochet checks on Rey within the ring as we tend to return to industrial.

Back from the break and that they go at it. Ricochet gets the upper hand once AN exchange and nails a dropkick. Ricochet is prepared to fly out onto Andrade however Vega distracts him from the ground and interferes. Andrade comes back in to attack however Ricochet catches him. they are going at it till Ricochet gets knocked out of the ring. Vega gives another assist to Andrade. The referee counts as Andrade works Ricochet over on the ground. Ricochet gets began the barrier once more. Andrade returns to the ring because the referee counts. Ricochet makes it back in however Andrade stomps away within the corner whereas he is down.

Andrade takes it back to the corner for a lot of offense. Ricochet fights out of another corner and rolls into an enormous dropkick as Vega yells from seats, making an attempt to induce Andrade up before Ricochet. Ricochet gets up 1st and that they trade huge shots within the middle of the ring. Ricochet drops Andrade and nails a hurricane, Rana. Ricochet gets discharged up currently. Ricochet springboards in from the apron, however, has got to roll through. Andrade knocks Ricochet into the corner and he lands extremely unhealthy. The referee checks on him as Vega rallies for Andrade.

Andrade delivers the double knees within the corner however Ricochet kicks out. Vega and Andrade show frustration currently. They tangle and Ricochet rolls Andrade up for two. They trade a lot of huge shots within the middle of the ring. Ricochet nails an enormous spike, inverted hurricane Rana, however, Andrade somehow kicks out. the group and Vega cannot believe it. Ricochet goes to the highest however Andrade gets up and cuts him off. Andrade climbs up and that they trade shots however Ricochet sends him to the mat. Ricochet is slow to climb to the highest however he nails the 630 for the pin and therefore the title shot at SummerSlam.

Winner and New #1 challenger to WWE u. s. Champion AJ Styles: Ricochet

Once the match, Vega screams out as Ricochet begins his celebration. we tend to head to replays. Kayla Braxton comes in to interview Ricochet. He talks regarding however folks can believe once he wins the title from AJ at SummerSlam.

We tend to go backstage to new WWE 24/7 Champion microphone Kanellis and partner Maria Kanellis. the microphone needs Maria to examine him with dignity and respect currently. He says he won the title for her. She asks what? Maria orders microphone to induce down on his back like he typically will. She incorporates a referee to return into space. microphone asks what she’s doing. Maria says she promises him, therefore, her unhatched kid can have a champion for a parent. Maria orders the microphone down and tells the referee to induce into position. microphone slowly gets down and hesitates. Maria covers and therefore the referee counts the pin.

Winner and New WWE 24/7 Champion: Maria Kanellis

Once the match, Maria walks out of the space with the title and brags regarding being the primary pregnant WWE 24/7 Champion as different Superstars walk up. She approaches Titus O’Neil and asks what he would do to become a cuckold champion, would he wrestle a pregnant woman? Would anyone else? Maria goes on regarding being pregnant and therefore the 1st pregnant champion. Maria says she is going to be at her OBGYN appointment this weekday if anyone needs to return pin her whereas her legs square measure up within the air with the stirrups.

We tend to return bent on the rostrum and here comes Alexa seventh heaven with Nikki Cross for an additional episode of “A Moment of Bliss” on the stage.

Bliss talks regarding the RAW Reunion last week and says Dolph Ziggler ruined it. however Ziggler is not the solely unhealthy apple walking around here, we tend to should’ve seen what happened earlier these days. seventh heaven shows North American country footage of agent work Finlay and Natalya understanding within the ring with 3 improvement abilities, within the empty arena before RAW began. RAW Women’s Champion Becky kill bumped into the ring, kneed Finlay and attacked Natalya before she was stopped.

We come to seventh heaven and fans square measure vocalizing Becky’s name. seventh heaven cannot believe they are condoning what we tend to simply saw. She says this is not championship behavior. Cross says it’s virtually like Becky is making an attempt to require Natalya out before their match at WWE SummerSlam. seventh heaven agrees. seventh heaven guarantees to knock the person down a couple of pegs once they wrestle tonight. Fans pop as seventh heaven seems on the large screen. Becky tells seventh heaven to not injure herself turning around too quickly, making an effort at her for being injury prone.

Becky tells seventh heaven to mention what she needs as a result of she is going to got to acquire it later in their match. Becky asks Cross if she extremely came all the more than from Scotland to be an occasional lady for seventh heaven. She asks wherever her Celtic Pride is. Becky says Natalya earlier acknowledged what happens after you speak trash, and he or she hasn’t forgotten regarding what seventh heaven has aforementioned. Becky says she is going to see seventh heaven later.

Triple Threat for the RAW Tag Team Titles: The Usos vs. Luke gallous and Karl Anderson vs. The Revival

We head to the ring and out come back The Usos, Jimmy Uso and Jey Uso. they assert they’re within the building and won miss RAW for nothing. They still work the mics and welcome everybody to The Uso Penitentiary as they hit the ring. Back to industrial.

Back from the break and out comes Luke gallous and Karl Anderson of The OC. RAW Tag Team Champions The Revival square measure out last, Scott Dawson and Dash Wilder. we tend to get formal ring introductions from microphone Rome. The Revival flips a coin and Dawson can embark with Jimmy. they are going at it and Jimmy takes Dawson down 1st. Dawson turns it around and keeps him down. Uso drops him however Dawson comes right back to require management. Dawson takes it to the corner and delivers an enormous chop. Dawson with an enormous back suplex and a lot of offense before Dash tags in. Jimmy fights Dash off and tags in Jey.

The Usos double team Dash in their corner. Jey with an enormous spring shot to the shoulder for a two count. Jey with an enormous chop to drop Dash. Dash turns it around within the corner and rocks Jey into the ropes. Dash with a lot of shots into The Revival’s corner, permitting a tag to Dawson. The Revival double groups Jey and Dawson keep him grounded. Jey fights up and out of a hold, however, Dawson rocks him. Jey counters a move and backdrops Dawson. Dash tags in however Jey turn it around and bring him to their corner. Jimmy tags certain the double team on Dash. Dash kicks out simply in time.

Jey quickly tags back in and flies from the highest for an additional double team. Jey takes to set down by his arm and keeps him down with it. Dash tags in Dawson and takes Jey to the corner. Dawson works him over and applies a Sleeper hold within the middle of the ring. Jey comes out of the hold however Dash tags in and stops Jey from creating it to Jimmy. gallous and Anderson still simply watch from their corner.

Dash mounts Jey within the corner with right hands however Jey sends him to the mat. Jey flies onto Dash for a two count. Jey keeps management and drops Dash with an enormous mitt. Jey gets sent to the ground through the ropes. gallous runs right over Jey on the skin, finally obtaining concerned within the match. we tend to head to industrial with gallous standing over Jey on the skin.

Back from the break and Anderson has Jey grounded on the mat. Anderson keeps management and drops Jey with an enormous kick for a two count as we tend to see AJ designs backstage observance the match. Anderson works Uso over within the corner, then tags in gallous. gallous unloads on Uso within the corner and stomps away. gallous drops an enormous elbow to the guts for an additional shut two counts. gallous keeps Uso grounded within the middle of the ring currently. Jey finally nails a jawbreaker to interrupt free however Anderson tags in and goes right to figure on Uso to prevent the tag. Anderson drops Uso for an additional pin try. Anderson talks some trash whereas beating Jey around the ring. Jimmy and Dash tag in at a similar time.

Jimmy unloads on Dash and gets a pop. Dash blocks the Samoan Drop, however, takes AN Enzi Guri. Jimmy with a lot of offense and therefore the Rikishi splash within the corner. Jimmy knocks others off the apron and keeps the offense happening Dash. Jimmy flies from the highest however Dash rolls through. They tangle and Anderson gets born off the apron. Jimmy nails a Samoan Drop on Dash for a detailed two count. Fans chant for Jimmy as he readies int he corner. Dawson comes up however Jimmy drops him to the ground. this enables Dash to attack however Jimmy rocks him, not noticing Dawson labeled. Dawson comes in and that they hit the large double team bulldog however Anderson breaks the pin simply in time. Anderson and Dawson find yourself tumbling to the ground and landing laborious. gallous delivers an enormous boot out of obscurity. Dash runs out and takes gallous down with a tornado insecticide. Jimmy runs the ropes and leaps out, taking them each down. The referee checks on Dash and he is dazed. Jey goes to the highest however Dawson rocks him. Dawson climbs to Jey and that they fight up high. an enormous super plex brings each Superstar right down to the ground, blooming onto the opposite four Superstars. All six Superstars square measure set out on the ground currently. Some fans chant “this is awesome!” because of the referee checks on them.

Jimmy brings Dawson back to the ring however he is having bother. they’re still legal. Jimmy goes to the highest for the Uso splash however Dawson moves and he rolls through. gallous tags in however Jimmy knocks him off the apron. The Revival hits a Shatter Machine on Jimmy. Jey with a crossbody to them from the highest. Anderson with an enormous Spinebuster. Anderson and gallous hit a Magic Killer on Jimmy for the pin to win the titles.

Winners and New RAW Tag Team Champions: Luke gallous and Karl Anderson

Once the match, gallous and Anderson take the titles and head out of the ring as their music hits. we tend to head to replays. we tend to see gallous and Anderson standing tall on the stage with their titles because the Usos look on from the ring. The Revival exits from seats because the celebration continues. we tend to return to industrial.

Back from the break and Kayla Braxton walks as courant AJ designs backstage, asking regarding the RAW Tag Team Titles amendment. Luke gallows and Karl Anderson come back speeding in to start off the celebration.

We tend to get a glance back eventually week’s RAW Reunion special. we tend to conjointly see however Dolph Ziggler born WWE Hall of Famer dancer Michaels on SmackDown consequent night. Seth Rollins can look to induce revenge for Michaels once he faces Ziggler tonight.

We tend to see The Norse Raiders backstage. Back to industrial

The Norse Raiders vs. Johnny Reb James and Cole Carter

Back from the break and out comes The Norse Raiders, Erik and Ivar. 2 improvement abilities wait within the ring – Johnny Reb James and Cole Carter.

This is another squash win for The Vikings. They destroy their opponents with huge power moves and double team moves. They hit an enormous double team pass on their opponents so hit The Norse expertise on one guy to induce the pin.

Winners: The Norse Raiders

Once the match, Erik and Ivar stand tall as their music hits. we tend to head to replays. we tend to come to The Vikings roughing one another au courant the stage.

WWE NXT Tag Team Champions the road Profits square measure backstage, Marie Dolores Eliza Rosanna Gilbert Ford and Angelo Dawkins. They refer a number of the happenings on tonight’s show. Angelo could have an issue for WWE 24/7 Champion Maria Kanellis. Marie Dolores Eliza Rosanna Gilbert brings up however Maria did say microphone Kanellis is not the pop. Ford wonders if Dawkins has been obtaining it on with Maria. Dawkins warns him to not unfold rumors. Seth Rollins walks up and talks with the road Profits a touch. Dawkins brings up Rollins obtaining payback on Dolph Ziggler for WWE Hall of Famer dancer Michaels and tells him the room is behind him. they assist get Rollins overrated for his match and he walks off.

We tend to see Becky kill backstage walking. Back to industrial.

Back from the break and therefore the announcers reconsider a number of the happenings on tonight’s RAW.

Becky kills vs. Alexa seventh heaven

We head to the ring and out comes RAW Women’s Champion Becky kill for this non-title match. Out next comes Alexa seventh heaven with Nikki Cross.

Bliss tries to dam out the chants for Becky. Becky taunts seventh heaven and dares her to punch her on the chin. they begin going at it and Becky takes her right down to the mat. Becky goes for AN early Disarm Her try however seventh heaven tangles. Cross lands up rocking Becky with an inexpensive shot from the ground. She smiles and walks away.

Becky with some a lot of offense till seventh heaven turns it around with a knee. seventh heaven with a two count. seventh heaven goes back to figure and kicks away within the corner as fans chant for Becky and take a look at to rally. Becky rolls seventh heaven up for a two count. seventh heaven comes right back and takes Becky down. seventh heaven with AN abdominal stretch whereas on the mat currently. seventh heaven tries to bite Becky’s hand. They tangle some a lot of and Becky applies the Disarm Her. seventh heaven breaks free and rocks her. seventh heaven talks some trash whereas standing over Becky. seventh heaven drops knees and comes back with the moon sault and a lot of for a two count. seventh heaven with another fast pin try. seventh heaven mounts Becky with a lot of penalization and a two count within the middle of the ring.

Fans rally for Becky louder currently. Becky comes back with a basement dropkick. Becky lands up on the apron however she fights back in. seventh heaven counters the Bexploder suplex. Cross encourages seventh heaven from seats. Becky with a kick. seventh heaven misses within the corner and Becky clotheslines her. Becky mounts a lot of offense currently and drops seventh heaven. seventh heaven sells AN articulatio talocruralis injury currently. Becky hits the Bexploder. seventh heaven clutches her articulatio talocruralis once more. The referee checks on her and she’s crying.

Cross gets on the apron and checks on seventh heaven as Becky appearance on. A trainer comes over and helps the referee move seventh heaven to the apron. Fans boo as we tend to get a replay. The referee asks the trainer if seventh heaven will continue, and he or she cannot.

Winner By Referee Stoppage: Becky kill

Once the match, Becky stands tall and raises the title once being proclaimed the winner. Cross involves the apron and has words with Becky. Cross comes into the ring because the exchange heats up. we tend to head to industrial with Becky and Nikki controversy within the ring.

Nikki Cross vs. Becky kill

Back from the break and RAW Women’s Champion Becky kill vs. Nikki Cross is afoot, another non-title match created throughout the break.

They go at it for the primary jiffy. Cross takes Becky down and grounds her as fans chant Becky’s name. we tend to see Alexa seventh heaven sitting at seats together with her articulatio talocruralis propped up. Becky lands up causing take out to the ground. Cross fights back in and goes to the highest. Becky rocks her and sends her to the mat.

Becky brings take out of the corner and drives her into the mat with the handle Slam. kill covers for the fairly simple win out of obscurity.

Winner: Becky kill

Once the match, kill celebrates and raises her title because the music hits. seventh heaven suddenly comes from behind and drops kill. Alexa’s knee is currently fine. Cross and seventh heaven double team kill currently. Natalya comes running right down to the ring, forcing seventh heaven and Cross to retreat. Natalya grabs kill and applies the Sharpshooter to her, revenge for earlier these days. Natalya finally breaks the hold and marches up the ramp. we tend to get replays and see officers serving to Becky out of the ring. The camera cuts backstage to Natalya walking. Kayla Braxton stops her for comments. Natalya says it isn’t regarding creating friends, it’s regarding being skilled, and once she wins at SummerSlam, the kill will not need to shake her hand. Natalya goes on and says she does not trust Becky. Natalya says she would love to challenge Becky to form their SummerSlam match a Submission Match, however, she is aware of Becky does not have the center, therefore, she’s not progressing to be asking her to simply accept the challenge. Natalya walks off and that we head to industrial.

Back from the break and that we see WWE 24/7 Champion Maria Kanellis backstage having her photograph taken, bragging regarding being the champ. Braun Strowman seems behind her. Maria runs her mouth and asks Braun to point out her however huge and robust he’s. Strowman simply fumes and stares out.

Dolph Ziggler vs. Seth Rollins

We head to the ring and out comes Seth Rollins 1st. we tend to see however Dolph Ziggler born WWE Hall of Famer dancer Michaels on last week’s SmackDown. Rollins is trying to induce payback for a dancer tonight. The music hits and everybody thinks the dancer is popping out however it’s Ziggler. Fans boo as Ziggler laughs at them and mocks them. Ziggler says it’s like Rollins lost his smile. Ziggler goes on regarding WWE Hall of Famers returning to require their spots, whether or not it’s Michaels or Bill Rube Goldberg and says they are each pathetic. Ziggler enters the ring, taking a lot of shots at Michaels.

The bell rings and Rollins runs right over Ziggler, then tosses him over the highest rope to the ground. Rollins sends Ziggler into the barrier and keeps management, agitated him onto another a part of the barrier. Rollins brings it back to the ring. Ziggler crawls right back out and Rollins follows. Ziggler turns it around however Rollins gets the upper hand. Rollins brings it back in and kicks Ziggler within the back whereas he is down. They fight on the apron currently. Ziggler catches Rollins and drops him on the apron with an enormous insecticide. They each fall to the ground and that we head to industrial.

Back from the break and Ziggler is making an attempt to mount an offense. Rollins drops him. Ziggler with a back elbow for a two count together with his feet on the ropes for leverage. Rollins counters and hits a Falcon Arrow for a detailed two count within the middle of the ring. Rollins waits for Ziggler to induce up and he charges, however, Ziggler counters. Rollins flies in, however, rolls through. Rollins hits the ring post as Ziggler moves. angularity goes on and hits a Zig zigzag for a detailed two count.

Ziggler cranks up for Sweet cackle currently. Rollins jumps up 1st and hits a superkick for a pop. Rollins goes on and readies for the Stomp as fans chant “burn it down!” currently. The music interrupts and out comes WWE Universal Champion Brock Lesnar with Paul Heyman. Fans pop as Rollins waits for a fight within the ring.

Lesnar hits the ring and clotheslines, Rollins, as he is distracted. The referee calls the match and rings the bell.

Winner By DQ: Seth Rollins

Once the bell, Lesnar keeps the attack going and unloads with German suplexes. Lesnar takes Rollins to the ground and launches him into the barrier a couple of times. Lesnar with an enormous suplex on the ground currently, deed Rollins set out. Lesnar scoops Rollins on his shoulders so sends him into the ring post with an enormous F5. Lesnar smiles and appears down at Rollins. Lesnar grabs a steel chair and brings it back to the ring with Rollins. Lesnar with an enormous chair shot over the rear. Lesnar takes a seat within the chair and appears down at Rollins whereas he crawls, obtaining a mixed reaction. Rollins crawls for the ropes however Lesnar grabs him and delivers an enormous F5 over the chair, ribs-first another time. Rollins crawls around as Lesnar stalks him some a lot of. Lesnar delivers another F5 into the standing chair as Heyman appearance on from the apron. Lesnar takes his time however stands the chair duplicate. Heyman begs Lesnar to prevent as he grabs Rollins and drops him onto the chair another time. Heyman pleads with Lesnar. Lesnar grabs the title and makes his exit up the ramp with Heyman. we tend to head to replays. Lesnar stands tall and raises the title on the stage as medics load Rollins onto a stretcher at seats. Rollins sells the attack and appears to be in the unhealthy form as we tend to return to industrial.

Back from the break and that we see Roman Reigns checking on Seth Rollins as his stretcher is pushed through the backstage space. Reigns turn to Samoa Joe and therefore the OC as they stomp away on The Usos, World Health Organization square measure down. Joe and therefore the OC beat down Reigns similarly and escape. we tend to crop to Rollins’ stretcher being loaded into the motorcar. Brock Lesnar seems before of the motorcar and orders the medic to show the engine off. Lesnar brings Rollins’ stretcher out of the motorcar and goes back to figure on him, destroying him within the back. Lesnar drops Rollins over the stretcher with another huge F5. officers square measure back over to examine on Rollins as Lesnar leaves. we tend to return to industrial.

Back from the break and out comes Samoa Joe to the ring for the Samoan Summit. we tend to see what simply happened within the backstage space.

Joe announces that the Samoan Summit has been canceled because of a ruinous failure of peace talks. Joe says he is fine thereupon as a result of he came to fight tonight. Joe calls Roman Reigns to the ring, therefore, he will end what he simply started backstage.

Reigns’ music hits and out he comes as fans pop. Reigns rush the ring and Joe beats him down. Reigns powers up and rocks Joe, knock him out of the ring. Reigns follow on the ground and therefore the brawl continues with Reigns up to the mark. Reigns send Joe into the barrier and keep the offense going. Reigns with a headbutt. Joe fights back and stuns Reigns. Reigns block an effort and deliver a headbutt. Joe counters a whip and launches Reigns into the steel ring steps.

Joe smiles, however, turns back around to Reigns launching half the steps right into his face. actor McIntyre runs down and attacks Reigns from behind. Reigns fight back and send the actor over the barrier. Reigns follow into the group however actor decks him. actor fights Reigns through the group and back to the {ringside|ringside seat|seating|seats|seating room|seating space} area currently. Joe joins actor and that they bring Reigns back to the ring. The double team goes down within the ring currently. Cedric Alexander runs right down to build the save, spring into the ring to require Joe down. Cedric fights actor off and drops him with a kick to the top. Cedric runs to leap out onto Reigns however Joe interrupts with an enormous cord. Joe works Reigns over within the ring whereas the actor has Cedric au courant the stage. actor launches Cedric into the light-emitting diode wall. Joe brings Reigns to the announce table and that they look to place him through it however The Usos build the save. New RAW Tag Team Champions Luke gallous and Karl Anderson take part on the brawl on the stage currently. we tend to see Cedric Alexander up high on prime of the light-emitting diode set structure. Cedric leaps down and takes down the opposite Superstars next to the announce table for an enormous pop.

Drew and Cedric find yourself down within the ring currently. Cedric avoids a Claymore Kick and drops actor. Cedric goes to the highest however cannot hit it. gallous and Anderson select a Magic Killer on Cedric however signs make the save with 2 Superman Punches, and another to send the actor out. Cedric flies out and takes actor down on the ground. The Usos hit double superkicks on Joe within the ring currently. Reigns followed up with a Spear to require Joe out once more. Fans pop because the babyfaces have management currently. RAW bangs the air with Reigns, Cedric and therefore the Usos standing tall within the ring.


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