Far-right Facebook groups ‘spreading hate to millions in Europe’

Avaaz uncovers five hundred accounts victimization pretend news to unfold racism message

A web of right Facebook accounts spreading pretend news and hate speech to legion individuals across Europe has been uncovered by the campaign cluster Avaaz.

Facebook, that is troubled to wash up the platform and salvage its name, has already taken down accounts with regarding vi million followers before choice within the European elections begins on Th. it had been still investigation many alternative accounts with a further twenty-six million followers, Avaaz said.

In total, the cluster reportable over five hundred suspect teams and Facebook pages in operation across France, Germany, Italy, the UK, Polska, and European nation. Most were either spreading pretend news or victimization false pages and profiles to unnaturally boost the content of parties or sites they supported, in violation of Facebook’s rules.

The networks were much more widespread than the official pages of right and anti-EU advocate teams in those countries. The pages taken down by Facebook up to now had been viewed 0.5 a billion times, Avaaz calculable.

“The pages [uncovered by Avaaz] have high levels of interactions. It doesn’t matter what percentage followers you’ve got if there aren’t any interactions,” aforesaid Christoph Schott, the groups’ campaign director. “They have over five hundred million views simply on the pages taken down, that’s over the number of voters within the EU.”

However, whereas some had been taken down, together with an oversized network in the European nation additionally uncovered by Avaaz, several had not.

Activity ranged from French accounts sharing supremacist content, to posts in Germany supporting Holocaust denial, and false pages promoting the choice für Germany party (AfD) party.

In Italy, ways enclosed putting in place general interest pages for beauty, football, health or alternative interests, then once followers signed up, reworking them into political tools.

The researchers copied however a page apparently started for AN association of agricultural breeders, slowly morphed into one supporting the right League, sharing a video that speculated to show migrants smashing up an auto. it’s really a scene from a movie and has been repeatedly debunked.

The pages weren’t simply targeted at approaching elections, Schott aforesaid, however, aimed to vary politics by giving an error of grassroots support for his or her content.

“We feel [these networks] have a major impact, they run misinformation campaigns that prolong for years, for instance, creating a selected issue appear additional vital.”

The investigation was disbursed by freelance investigators and journalists employed by Avaaz once an internet funding drive. over forty-seven,000 individuals given little sums, creating the project financially freelance.

Facebook had followed abreast of the investigation, however at no purpose did the Avaaz teamwork with the social media firm, it said. Instead, it handed over its findings for Facebook to verify and take action, and investigations were still beneath method.

“We assume Facebook did an honest job up to now of acting, however ought to have done a far better job of sleuthing these pages,” Schott aforesaid. “They ought to try this themselves. we tend to area unit around thirty individuals, they need over thirty,000 in their safety and security team.”

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