Finger Injury Types and Compensation Claim

Finger injury is one of the common injuries. Symptoms and causes of finger pain can be changed. It is easy to treat the finger pain and injury if you know the symptoms and the cause. You will also be able to get the right and proper treatment. Some types of finger injury are:


Finger can be fractured from a different angle, shape, and size. Before starting the treatment, the injury should be diagnosed by specialized doctors.

Some fractures are severe while others are the only miner. The severe fractures need special surgical treatment while the other just needs simple treatment.


Twist and dislocation of a finger is a common injury. It can be severe if not treated properly by the medical staff. Twist or dislocation of a finger can cause damage to the finger joints supported by ligaments. People who often suffer dislocation notice swelling of fingers months after the treatment.

Arthritis of Thumb and finger

Arthritis is a disease that causes inflammation and stiffness of joints.
Joint holds two bones together firmly. Arthritis damages the surface of normal joints.
Types of Arthritis in Finger

  • Osteoarthritis
  • Rheumatoid

Arthritis of thumbs usually occurs at the base of the thumb, where the wrist meets the thumb. This joint is usually called the Carp metacarpal Joint. This injury is more common in women than in men.

According to research, people of older age face Arthritis mostly. This is one of the common fractures in old people.

Accidents that can cause finger injury

Finger injury is the most common injury in any type of accident. People who work on machinery, buildings, and construction sites face finger injury often, if not properly trained or don’t use adequate safety equipment.
Finger injuries can also occur in slip, trip or even in a road accident.

What should we do?

If you face broken finger injury in an accident that was not your fault, you can claim compensation. You should seek the help of a personal injury solicitor experienced in this field.

Your personal injury solicitors Bury will not make a claim only for your pain but will also claim for any financial losses as a direct result of an injury. Financial losses can be lost income, travel expenses and medical expenditures.

Establishing Liabilities

In order to get the finger injury compensation claim, you will need to prove that

  • The accident is the main cause of finger injury
  • The cause of the accident is the negligence of the third party.

If you are not sure, which party is liable and whose negligence caused you to finger injury, no need to panic. You will get your finger injury claim. You should just register a claim with proper evidence and proof. If liable parties do not accept their negligence, the court will take over the case.

After the submission of all evidence and proofs, your personal injury solicitor can contact independent third party medical staff to examine your finger injury to identify the strength of your case. According to the severity of the injury, you will get an injury compensation claim.

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