Best Google Voice Extension Substitutes for 2020

What is Google Voice Extension?

Google voice provides services for the phone system and allows you to use a local phone number on your phone device. In terms of services, it is limited in its features compared to other power systems. Through Google voice, you can dial calls, talk to each other but Google’s voice cannot connect to extension directly.

If you require more features that are not offered by Google voice Extension I have gathered the good number of substitutes to take advantage of.

Top Substitutes for Google Voice Extension

Here we have collected the best alternative for Google Voice Extension with best offering features that meet the requirement of your business with full-fledged features and reasonable pricing rates.

How we analyzed best substitutes for Google Voice Extension

Based on the following criteria we have selected these alternatives.

  • Ease of use
  • Reasonable price
  • Customer support
  • Call management
  • Accessibility
  • Mobility in service
  • Advanced features
  • Flexibility
  • Voice quality

1.     Telzio

You can get at a quite low price starting from $0.119 per minute for incoming calls and $0.168 per minute for outbound calls.

Telzio comes up with an extensively reasonable solution that is sophisticated with features that is certainly the best choice over Google Voice. The special thing to note is, you don’t have to pay per user but you have to pay how many minutes you used. Alongside this, you are eligible to add users to the platform without any cost.

It is the best choice if you want to get advanced features and a user-friendly interface for fast configuration of services. It allows you to manage calls and mobile and desktop phones, SMS, voice mail transcriptions and faxes no matter wherever you are.

It allows you to benefit from unlimited queues and call recordings and can hold music. You will also get live call data to track call center activity. You can route all inbound calls efficiently.

2.     Nextiva

Its basic pricing starts at 430 per user. Per month but can get up to $20 if you have more than 100 users that are singed-on.

Nextiva is a VoIP service provider that offers high-quality phone service, transmits your communication through existing internet service. Except for unlimited calling, it provides automated attendant, on-hold music and conference calls.

In the pro version, you can access unlimited text messaging and conference calling systems at a pricing rate of $33 per user, per month as well as access to mobile apps of a company for your iOS and Android devices.

If you expect standard phone services for your business, you can get with Nextiva. It provides you a high standard of customer support. Its advanced system enables your business to grow even in remote areas.

What else you van entertain with Nextiva is amalgamate communication with Volp, video and chat, helpdesk software and sales. Alongside you are availed with unlimited calling, faxing and texting nationwide which is the core need for any business. Its outstanding service with 24/7 customer support will give you run smoothly. Also, you are facilitated with free-toll-free, virtual voicemail and auto attendant.

3.     Vonage

Vonage pricing offers to start at $14.99 as Metered extension per month along with $0.03/minute for outbound calls.

It offers further plans, Virtual extension $14.99 per line per month includes direct dial number. Its unlimited extension includes $39.99 including unlimited monthly calls on international levels.

Vonage is known for its best services, VoIP apps for mobile. It is accompanied by unlimited calls, SMS messaging, voicemail and team messaging. If your business requirement includes management tools so this would best choice for you because you are availed with call screening call continuity which prevents internet service interruption when your internet is out.

Through the Vonage Extension app, you can get in connect with your loved ones to boomerang also you can enjoy automatic connections via your Vonage number. You are eligible to use boomerang on the smart phone as well as landlines.

It allows you to block unwanted calls using the Vonage Extension app or in your Online Account. As well you can forward calls through your online account or by phone.  You can forward calls to approximately five additional phones like desk phones, basic mobile phones, or smart phones that don’t consist of an extension app. Even callers won’t be aware that the call is forwarded.

4.     Phone.Com offers the following pricing plans.

Its base plan includes $9.99 per month in which you can get 300 calling minutes or $24.99 for getting unlimited calling call package.

Its Plus pan includes $14.99 per month in which you can make 500 calling minutes or $32.99 for getting unlimited callings

Its Pro plan allows you to get 1000 calling minutes at $29.99 per month rate or $49.99 for unlimited calling

With you are offered with unlimited extensions, Toll-free numbers, local numbers, hold music and custom greetings, voice mail and conference call line.

It enables you to communicate efficiently and easily. You can use your computer as an extension of your computer. You can take advantage of this tool to access your inbox, address book, and call logs as well as Mac, PC, desktop or laptop. offers cellular voice networks with features including international calling, all histories as well as sit contains ability from unidentified or unwanted numbers. It allows multiple call routing options, music hold, voice calls with faxes and SMS text messages in a single mailbox.


VoIP service is powerful and advanced features with reasonable price plans and the best alternative to Google Voice as it covers up all lacking. You would certainly be able to enhance your communication skills in your business set up and would get better feedback.

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