How To Remove Hard Drive From Dell Laptop

Hard drives are one of the most significant pieces of a PC framework. Your Dell PC’s hard drive contains all the records, envelopes, and working structure that makes your PC run. It is now and then essential to expel your Dell PC’s hard drive when supplanting or refreshing your trip with another, by reading How to Remove Hard Drive from Dell Laptop.

A PC that ships with various hard drives or contain space for other circles can be valuable speculation for any business. On the off chance that a PC includes two hard drives, a chairperson can design the PC to copy all the information on the essential hard drive to the auxiliary drive, backing up necessary records without the need for additional gear. On the off chance that the primary or extra hard drive in a Dell PC is giving indications of disappointment, supplanting the plate as quickly as time permits are suggested. On the off chance that the other drive bombs before you’ve traded the first circle, information misfortune could happen.


Find out where is the hard drive on a dell laptop and Close down your PC and expel all links. Flip around the PC, keeping the front of the PC looking toward you.

Step1 How To Remove Hard Drive From Dell Laptop


Find the hard drive. It is likely situated on the right side of the topsy turvy PC near the LCD fastening end. Expel the one holding screw holding the drive-in.

Step2 How To Remove Hard Drive From Dell Laptop


Gradually pull out the drive utilizing your thumb and fingers to get a handle on the jagged lines on the hard drive section spread.

Step3 How To Remove Hard Drive From Dell Laptop


Handle the drive cautiously. On the off-chance conceivable, place the hard drive in a sans static pack when putting away or sending in for the fix.

Step4 How To Remove Hard Drive From Dell Laptop


To reinstall a hard drive in your Dell, straightforward converse the above advances. If moving up to another trip, you should expel the drive section from your old drive and introduce it to the new drive.

Step5 How To Remove Hard Drive From Dell Laptop
Step6 How To Remove Hard Drive From Dell Laptop


•    You’ll need to reinstall the working framework if you supplant the essential hard drive.


•    Replacement steps may differ marginally, relying upon your item number.

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These references are specifically for Dell Laptops, if you want to just find How to remove hard drive from laptop that are other than Dell, please read other blogs.

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