Pass rulers will clue Ajax, not Liverpool, to Champions League glory?

Stats more and more showing that possession and also the range of passes created differentiate the winning groups from the losing, the CIES soccer Observatory has created the associate analysis of this Champions League group’s victimization Instate knowledge.

Looking at the common length of the passes achieved in domestic league games up to now this season, the report finds: “Past edition semi-finalists mythical being has an all-time low figure (15.96 meters), before Paris St-Germaine (16.17) and city (16.56).”

“At the other finish of the table area unit Czech champions Salvia Prague with a median length of nineteen.82 meters (+24% compared to Ajax). Titleholder city has up to now achieved the fourth-longest passes among cluster stage participants: nineteen.45 meters on the average. This figure is considerably over for his or her main Premier League rivals Manchester town (17.39),” says the report.

The majority of high-profile groups area unit among those creating the shortest passes say the authors. The shorter the passes, the larger the quantity of passes created, is that the basic metric. And also the larger chance of winning.

“Apart from the city, the sole recent Champions League competition with a median length of passes larger than eighteen meters is Atletico capital of Spain. Diego Someone’s team achieved the third-lowest range of passes per game (379), whereas Lucien Favre’s Borussia Dortmund created the foremost (735),” says the report.

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