Do you have red eyes? Do you feel pain? Do you notice a sensitivity to light?

The red-eye can be due to various causes and knowing them can help us fight it and prevent it. In this post, we tell you the causes and remedies and how to prevent eye redness.

What are the causes of red eyes?

If you feel eye irritation, burning, dryness, pain, sensitivity to light, blurred vision or watery eyes, you need to go to a specialist as soon as possible to make a study and diagnose you.

It is likely that you have had red eyes more than once, but it may be due to various causes. If you wonder why they get red eyes, these are some of the reasons:

  1. Dryness of the environment. Both the air conditioning in summer and heating in winter can dry the environment we are in and produce a reddening of the eyes.
  2. Pollution. People living in large cities are exposed to higher levels of pollution due to the fumes of motor vehicles, buildings, and factories. The contaminated environment can produce red eyes.
  3. Excessive sun exposure. Spending a lot of time on the beach or in a place with a lot of suns or a lot of reflection (the sea, the snowy mountain) can make ultraviolet light affect our eyes. That is why protection with sunglasses is always essential.
  4. Foreign bodies in the eye. It may be that a particle or a small mosquito enters our eye and causes us discomfort.
  5. Allergies At certain times of the year and in spring, many people suffer from allergies. In these cases, the eyes release a substance called histamine that has the function of protecting the body against allergens. It can also happen that you are allergic to any cream or makeup that causes redness of the eyes.
  6. Excessive use of contact lenses. People who use contact lenses should be careful and respect the maximum time they can be put on and, when disposable, change them to always keep them in good condition and protect eye health.
  7. Hemorrhage in the eye. With an effort or a coughing attack, it can happen that a blood vessel in the eye is broken and the red-eye is produced and red veins are seen in the eyes.
  8. Chlorine in the pool. If you like swimming, you may have noticed that the chlorine in the pool can also irritate your eyes. To avoid red eyes in the pool, it is essential that you wear glasses.
  9. Lack of rest sleeping a few hours or having insomnia can also have effects on our eyes and we can have red eyes upon waking. Respect your hours of rest and try to avoid heavy meals and stimulating elements before bedtime.
  10. Conjunctivitis. It involves the infection of the membrane that covers the eyelids and the surface of the eye. You may have symptoms such as red-eye and pain when moving it, or, in some cases, sensitivity to light.
  11. Punch in the eye or face. Sometimes, playing sports or due to an accident, you can hit your eye or face in an area near the eye and injuries and bleeding can occur due to broken blood vessels.
  12. Glaucoma. It is an eye disease that causes redness, headache, and eye pain. It is usually detected by measuring eye pressure.

Keratitis It is an inflammation that occurs in the cornea and causes pain, redness, and irritation.

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