Top 8 Jewelry Trends for Winters

The 2019 runways have created a smash with their maximalist jewelry. The jaw-dropping big earrings, outstanding detailing, statement neckpieces, and bangle stacking are setting the stage on fire. So, when you are thinking of accessorizing your ensemble, think out-of-the-box this season.

Cool, funky, out-of-the-world, eye-popping – these are the words for winter jewelry. And if you haven’t shopped for some sensuous pieces this season, time to grab JCPenney discount codes and enjoy the super-saving shopping experience.

The fall/winter 2019-20 accessory trends include a fine blend of opulent jewelry and a minimalist, gender-neutral collection. Chains are everywhere this season. Chain necklaces, chain belts, and chains for body jewelry are hot.

Talking of stones, rhinestones and pearls are sizzling. They have even found a prestigious place on nails! You just cannot do without colorful gems this season. Grab them in handfuls.

Here are the hottest 8 trends that are a sin to ignore this winter

1. Extra long earrings are super hot this season. And they have to be exceptionally long, some even going beyond the shoulders! Keep your earrings feathery-light and simple, but keep them long. You can even wear them on one ear only, but if you haven’t tried the super long earrings, then you are out of vogue.

2. Danglers are everywhere. If you are not a fan of extra long earrings, you can do a dangler. Long earrings featuring drops of metal or shimmery strings look chic. These could be the center of attention for your evening wear.

3. The boldest trend in jewelry this season is the ear armor. These are earrings, to be precise, ear cuffs, that cover the helix of ear and look like a shining armor. You can choose pearled cuffs or dangling beaded chains.

4. Single earring is in vogue. Elongated ear pieces with vibrant gems studded on them are scorching the ramps this season. Make sure the one piece is eye-catching.

5. Love tassels? They are the trend this season. Tassels will be found on neckpieces and ear pieces. You may also find tassels on handbags. They give a warm and chic look.

6. Rhinestones, as mentioned earlier, are the trend in gems. So, make sure you have at least one piece of jewelry with this stone. In case you are not fond of this stone on your body, embed one on your handbag or shoes, but use it this season!

7. Bohemian style jewelry is doing the rounds this season. Go chic; go boho. Medallion earrings in colorful bases, long feather necklaces, tassels, wood and net ear pieces, hoops with colorful yarns wrapped to give them a softer texture, and more –there is a whole lot to try in boho this winter.

8. Dare to wear mismatched earrings? They are trendy. If somebody is unaware of the trend, they would politely point it out that you wore the wrong earrings on the other ear! If you are not a fan of this trend and find it too weird to try, you can choose the single earring trend.

The evergreen styles

Pearls can never go out of fashion. Summer, winter, or whatever, pearls give you class. So, if nothing suits your taste, don the pearls. Choose the classic pearl necklace or pearl-studded ear piece. Effortlessly outstanding!

Nature-inspired jewelry is yet another evergreen style. Designs of leaves, flowers, tiny animals, aquatic creatures, birds, and even spiders and snakes find a place on ears, necks, and wrists of people.

And, of course, the minimalist gold and silver jewelry are timeless. A simple, beautifully-carved earpiece in gold, studded with diamonds or any gemstone, is unmatched.

So, this winter, don’t just get wrapped in scarves and turtle-necks. Embellish them with shimmering pieces straight from the ramp. Whether you are wearing a cardigan, a trench coat, or layered pieces, don’t forget to complete the look with bold, colorful jewelry that brings warmth to your ensemble in the cold months.

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